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Sunday, February 18, 2018

2:30 - 5:30 pm


Vancouver Public Library

(Alma VanDusen Room)

350 Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC


The BC Symposium on PR is a gathering of election reform experts from British Columbia and across Canada, who are meeting in Vancouver to discuss the upcoming referendum and make recommendations to the government.


This forum is a chance for us to get broader public input on our findings before we submit our final report. We believe that election reform works only when the people are engaged in all the stages of the process.



Join the conversation with national experts!

Bring a smartphone (or other web-capable device) to ask and answer questions in real time.

The forum will be structured after the model a deliberative poll (insofar as possible given the time and audience that we have). We will be asking for audience feedback before and after each session, and you will be able to see the "pre" and "post" results displayed side by side. This will allow us to hear from a variety of voices and connect our recommendations with voters’ real values and concerns.




Opening address

Election reform in context: what is at stake?

How do electoral systems affect governments, governance, and democratic outcomes?



Speaker: Louis Massicotte (Université Laval, Quebec City, QC)




Interactive Session I

Proportional representation: a citizen’s guide to the options

What kind of decisions do we need to make about voting and representation?
Learn the symposium’s recommendation on proportional methods to consider for adoption in BC.


Speakers: Grace Lore (University of Victoria) and David Moscrop (Simon Fraser University)



Q&A Panel:

Grace Lore (University of Victoria)

David Moscrop (Simon Fraser University)

Tony Hodgson (President, Fair Voting BC)

Louis Massicotte (Université Laval)




Interactive Session II

Citizen engagement and participatory democracy

Why is this important? What can citizens do to have their voice heard?
Learn the symposium’s recommendations on deliberative process and referendum structure.



Max Cameron (Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, UBC)



Q&A Panel:

Max Cameron (Director, Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, UBC)

Eline de Rooij (Simon Fraser University)

Richard Johnston (University of British Columbia)

Gisela Ruckert (Team Leader, Fair Vote Canada, Kamloops, BC)







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