Approval Voting for Colorado - A Bill for 2017

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Approval Voting for Colorado - A Bill for 2017

Our Approval Voting Bill instructs the Secretary of State to create standard rules and procedures for Approval Voting elections before the end of November, 2017.

Local election supervisors in counties, cities/towns, and special districts need election rules from the Colorado Secretary of State.

Home Rule communities may already use Approval Voting without SoS rules, but find them reassuring.

Approval Voting for Colorado seeks additional rules, not a change to existing rules.

Use of Approval Voting will be strictly voluntary.

Jonathan Singer, an elected representative of Colorado's house district 11 shall introduce a Bill for an Act of law in the 2017 legislative session to permit the use of the Approval Voting method.

Co-sponsorship is needed. We're seeking voters to contact their state representatives and senators to back Rep. Singer's Approval Voting bill.

Paul Tiger, Executive Director
Approval Voting for Colorado

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