Your donation makes a difference. The Center for Election Science is dedicated to helping the world use smarter election systems. Here in the US, the Congressional approval rating is in the teens. And despite more Americans identifying as independent than either Democrat or Republican, rarely do independents ever get elected.

We provide solutions by working with organizations, government, and the public at large. Our reforms address issues such as never fearing a wasted vote, which is solved with approval voting. You deserve a meaningful vote that successfully shapes the policies you care about. There is no less at stake than democracy itself.

Thanks to your kindness and generosity, The Center for Election Science will continue to be a leader, committed to advancing the world towards a smarter democracy.


Having trouble making your donation? Contact our Director of Philanthropy, Kirsten Elliott, at for assistance. 

More Donation Options

Designate Us on Amazon: You can also have a percentage of your Amazon purchases go to us through the Amazon Smile program. To always go through Amazon Smile, you can use the following browser plugins: (Chrome), (Firefox), (Safari). A fraction of what you spend goes to us, but it does add up.

Check: Please make check donations payable to, "The Center for Election Science", and send them to:

The Center for Election Science
1739 Olney Rd ∙ Falls Church, VA 22043

Donor-advised fund: Donor-advised funds are great and easy giving tools. Our executive director has written a more complete article on them here. Simply select us as the charity. For "use type" / "designation", the most valuable option for us is "where it's needed most". donor-advised fund link.

Retirement account: You can choose to have funds distributed from your retirement account to go directly to us. Depending on the type of account, this is one way to minimize your tax burden while at the same time meeting the distribution requirement on your account. Simply contact the manager for your account to set this up.

Vehicle (i.e. car, truck, RV, or boat): You can donate your vehicle through a super-convenient process at Vehicles for Charity. Simply fill out this form and they'll take care of the rest.

BitcoinIf you choose to donate by bitcoin, please e-mail us the amount along with your name and e-mail. Not only does this help us thank you, but it also helps us with tax information for your records and ours. To donate, just click this link.

Stock: Donate your appreciated stock, and you may be able to deduct the full fair-market value from your taxable income, while CES receives the full value without taxes! This is probably the most efficient way to donate for those in such a financial position. Please contact us by e-mail and we'll gladly help you set this up. Or you can donate stock to a donor-advised fund (see above) and then make a grant to us through that account.

Donate by Will: Donation by will often gives supporters a flexibility in their donation that they would not be able to achieve by other means. Please contact your attorney for more information on this option. The information below will permit you to include us in your will.

Our legal name: The Center for Election Science
Our Tax ID: 45-2334002

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