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2016 Oscars

Here's a recent article we did on the Oscars. This mentions diversity as an issue and offers a proportional nomination as a solution.


There is, however, an argument  for a bloc method for nominations. That's because using a bloc method, particularly with a cardinal method will tend towards a collection of winners around the median feeling of voters. This helps to ensure that the best candidate is contained within the nominees.

If the issues external to the voting method were resolved, do you think it would be more appropriate to use a bloc method or a proportional method for nominations?

I like PR in general, but I

I like PR in general, but I see your point here about not using it in this case. The ultimate goal is to select a winner in each category. The nominees aren't going to form a committee. You could have a situation where a potential winner is eliminated despite having a lot of support because they had support from largely the same people as someone else.

On the other hand, more diverse nominees could draw people's attention to actors/actresses they might not have previously given much consideration to.

I don't actually follow the Oscars at all, so my expertise in this area and how it actually works is zero.

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