House Resolution 3057

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House Resolution 3057

HR 3057 is a voting reform bill, but it uses IRV and STV. Uh oh. It seems to have been left undiscussed since July though.

More thoughts

1. If we try to do anything to change the system to Asset or RRV then FairVote will flail and get all the attention as always.

2. The range voting website is a bit outdated and looks somewhat bland. Electology has a better UI but less content.

3. RRV seems sort of unusual (how do you explain it in simple terms?) and Asset only works well with a large number of candidates.

4. We need to take action, else the IRV people will simply win off of their popularity.

We cannot let this sit.

Sorry for triple posting but the IRV propagandists are just going to continue to say what people want to hear and they will enact IRV and third parties will fail miserably. We need to push hard for Approval, Range, and RRV. And I do not like the feeling of being the only one who cares anymore.

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