A Path to Enacting Alternative Voting for the POTUS

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A Path to Enacting Alternative Voting for the POTUS

I've seen comments in many places suggesting that the Electoral College means it will be particularly hard to enact any sort of Alternative Vote for the Presidential Election, particularly those which allow for marginal scores to each candidate, however the flexibility of the rules of the Electoral College mean that it would in fact be quite possible to effectively push the entire nation to adopt an alternative voting method so long as enough states can be convinced to adopt one cohesive alternative. They can follow the path of the "National Popular Vote Compact". 

If states that together represent a majority of the electoral college agree to adopt one alternative voting method (STAR voting for instance) and pledge to give all their electors to whichever candidate comes out on top in the election among all those states that are signed on to the pact, then any candidate who can win in those states will be the winner, which will push all the other states to join the pact in order to have a say in the election. 

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