Political Party Support of Alternative Voting Methods

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Political Party Support of Alternative Voting Methods

Hi.  My name is Desmond Silveira.  I'm new to these forums.  I'm the vice chair of the American Solidarity Party.

I analyzed the platforms of the top 14 political parties in the U.S. specifically in regard to election reform and surprisingly (to me), only two of the parties call for a change in voting methods. The ASP calls for approval or range voting. The Green party calls for IRV. The other 12 parties are silent on the issue.  For reference, the top 14 parties are:
Socialism and Liberation
Legal Marijuana Now
Socialist Workers
American Solidarity
America's Party
Workers World

Is there any concerted effort to educate non-duopolistic parties about the benefits of approval (or range) voting?  Such an education campaign would be beneficial and I'd be willing to volunteer to help out in such an effort.

Secondly, I invite others to consider the American Solidarity Party's efforts to promote approval and range voting.  Perhaps there can be some combined effort between electology.org and the ASP to promote reform.  Those who support electology.org may not support everything that the ASP supports, but I believe that we can come together in mutual support for the common good and a more centrist political system that favors the many over the few.


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