Use of & Improvements in MJ

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Use of & Improvements in MJ

Of course MJ is (at least nearly) equivalent to ERBucklin(whole), with skilled ranks allowed.

I'll abbreviate that as BERsk.

BERsk is the versatile all-in-1 Approval-like method, usable as Approval, Plain Bucklin or score (via probabilistic fractional votes.

We were discussing it at EM near EM's inception.

Though BERsk doesn't strictly meet MMC, it can if the mutual majority (MM) don't equal-rank or skip.

Used right, equal-ranking and skipping can sometimes be advantageous.

If you aren't in a MM, maybe Approval-luke voting is best.

MJ needs to allow more ranks. 5 ranks forces equal-ranking, and can prevent skipping.

For some reason, MJ has humungously wordy bylaws that BERsk doesn't need.

For public proposals, Plain Bucklin is probably a better suggestion.

Why not complete BERsk's versatility by providing a fractional-vote option, to facilitate Score-voting.

Michael Ossipoff

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