Varying Results Based on Voting System Employed

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Varying Results Based on Voting System Employed

I am wondering if anyone has come across peer-reviewed studies that explore how election winners can vary depending on which voting system is used. Specifically, I am looking for experiments, not hypothetical scenarios. For example, we (at PolicyInteractive) invited MTurkers to each complete four presidential primary mock ballots within the systems of plurality, approval, range, and instant-runoff voting. We then compared who the resulting winners would be within each of those systems. I am wondering if anyone else has done something like that in the year or so since I last checked with you voting system authorities. 

BTW, I will be sharing the results of the above-mentioned study as soon as I finish the report, which should be in a week or two. 

Thanks in advance!


OK, I should have known The Center for Range Voting would have a page on this. I see the French and the Germans have tested these a bit. If anyone knows of examples in U.S., I would be interested. 

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