Warren co-authors great piece on Canadian electoral reform

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Warren co-authors great piece on Canadian electoral reform
I think it helps that we have recent precedent of this in the Netherlands, where the municipality of Landerd had a referendum on how to restructure itself. But I just read today that yet another Dutch city is going to follow the same process for a three-option initiative.
Google translation:
Future Haaren is not a matter of yes / no
Posted January 7, 2016; Last update January 7th, 21:35;
HAAREN - not a simple yes or no residents van
Haaren can 'vote' on the division of their
community. In a consultative referendum, they
can choose from three options. Or actually four,
since blank votes should too.
The referendum will be held on April 6. The
residents then give their views on the proposed
decision of the Council to split eventually
Haaren, "if all villages a future-proof and
powerful management solution is available."
They have three choices:
1. The municipality
remains independent;
2. The congregation eventually split up;
3. the congregation split as soon as possible.
Multiple options may tick.

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